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As retail adjusts to new industry demands, cutting-edge retailers are finding the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of 4G LTE to be the best solution to help extend, complement, and augment existing network infrastructure.

This retail toolkit is for IT teams to access white papers, solutions briefs, success stories, webinars, and videos to learn how 4G LTE and software-defined networking are keeping retailers connected and secure.

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"Cradlepoint has allowed our stakeholders and executives to view real-time dashboards on exactly how our stores are doing via our POS systems, e-commerce, and order management systems.
— Leo Minervini, CIO,
Carlo's Bake Shop

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"Our pop-up location acts as our organization’s main office. With the ‘four-nines’ uptime Cradlepoint provides, our directors and staff can have meetings here and work on their laptops anytime, day or night."
— Keegan Dougherty, Headquarters Director, Basque Soccer Friendly

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"We had 42 screens deployed in these retail locations. All of them were connected through Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager so that we can manage every screen from our Portland [Oregon] headquarters."
Duane Casey, COO,
GridBox Media

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Cradlepoint Basque Soccer Friendly Case Study-3

Mitigating Security at the Network's Edge

Strategies and best practices to mitigate risks and protect networks against vulnerabilities, threats, and malicious attacks.


10 Best Practices for Network Security

Data breaches come in all shapes and sizes — and more frequently than ever before. Here are 10 best practices for mitigating network security risks.

Remote Management from the Cloud

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage secure networks at distributed
stores with Enterprise Cloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s network management and application platform.


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